Follow Up On MysteryTutor’s PDF Files

Hey guys, sorry if I didn’t upload the files on time. I was trying to find a way and post the files so that it will be sent to your emails automatically, but I figured that I can’t do that unless I have my own domain and stuff. So I just uploaded the files to Mediafire for you to download. So feel free and download the file as needed. I have put a password on the file so that only you guys can access it.   (please copy and paste this to your URL bar)

Password : parsacademy

Hope that it help your score. If you have any question regarding the SAT test itself, feel free to comment or email me, I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

4 responses to “Follow Up On MysteryTutor’s PDF Files”

  1. joe says :

    Hi, I tried to download this file, but comes up as an error msg. (nothing in the file). These pdf’s would be a great help if I can access them. Thanks much!!!!!

  2. Edward says :

    Hey I tried to get the files but when I input the password and click on the download button an error message just pops up. Can you please send me the files to

  3. Buyanjargal says :

    hi thank you for giving the link but error message appears , can you please send it to my email ? i will be very thankful if you do . 🙂

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